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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Ellis, JacobWestlawn Cricket Club1560042
2 Munro, EthanCoutts Crossing Cricket Club2151011
3 Scott, MalcolmWestlawn Cricket Club1330032
4 Ellem, Hamish JCoutts Crossing Cricket Club2230020
5 Woods, AngusWestlawn Cricket Club1530037
6 Gill, Damien JGDSC Easts Cricket Club1430000
7 Lawson, NicholasCoutts Crossing Cricket Club2220011
8 Blinman, CoreyCoutts Crossing Cricket Club320000
9 Fahey, EliCoutts Crossing Cricket Club2021078
10 Steen, MaraWestlawn Cricket Club1520013
11 Grosser, Harry WWestlawn Cricket Club1520002
12 Pardoe, KaitlinTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club1220000
13 Ensby, DeclanCoutts Crossing Cricket Club1910010
14 Cropper, Ryley YCoutts Crossing Cricket Club1410000
15 Gallagher, Jordan JTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club1310000
16 Hartz, BenGDSC Easts Cricket Club1410000
17 Ellis, LachlanWestlawn Cricket Club1510001
18 Bertus, BiancaGDSC Easts Cricket Club2210000
19 Chevalley, Riley LCoutts Crossing Cricket Club1310111
20 Hegedus, JacobWestlawn Cricket Club1310015
21 Fowler, Faith-EmilyWestlawn Cricket Club1210000
22 Ryder, JaydenGDSC Easts Cricket Club1400000
23 Cotten, ChelseaTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club100000
24 Essex, Luke JTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club100000
25 Hargans, Molly ABrothers Cricket Club800000
26 Bowling, SophieBrothers Cricket Club100000
27 Vidler, NoahWestlawn Cricket Club000000
28 Moloney, LauraCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
29 Fahey, William GBrothers Cricket Club100000
30 Weismantle, IsabelleCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
31 White, Andrew ISouth Services Cricket Club900000
32 Rakes, LincolnCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
33 Fuller, NicholasWestlawn Cricket Club1500015
34 Cropper, TiahneeCoutts Crossing Cricket Club1200000
35 Gardiner, Jarod PGDSC Easts Cricket Club1100000
36 Cookson, DeclanWestlawn Cricket Club100000
37 Bertus, AlexGDSC Easts Cricket Club2200000
38 Page, SamuelTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club100000
39 Endean, ZaraTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club900000
40 Masters, NicholasSouth Services Cricket Club400000
41 Masters, NicholasWestlawn Cricket Club200000
42 Black, GwilynCoutts Crossing Cricket Club700000
43 Grieve, DamonCoutts Crossing Cricket Club200020
44 Channells, Nyomi NSouth Services Cricket Club800000
45 Nilon, JacksonCoutts Crossing Cricket Club200000
46 Jenkins, Aiden MCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
47 Duke, BradleyCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
48 Bathgate, BaileyWestlawn Cricket Club000000
49 Moran, HamishWestlawn Cricket Club000000
50 staggard, bianca lSouth Services Cricket Club400000
51 Drummond, CorbanCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
52 Kilduff, Caleb STucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
53 Gazzard, Liam GGDSC Easts Cricket Club800000
54 Harris, Willow PGDSC Easts Cricket Club2600000
55 Ellis, JakeGDSC Easts Cricket Club1600000
56 Gardiner, Jarod PBrothers Cricket Club1400000
57 Sommer, Joshua HSouth Services Cricket Club900000
58 Martin, AshleighGDSC Easts Cricket Club2200000
59 Gough, EmilyTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club1200000
60 McLaren, HaleyBrothers Cricket Club1000000
61 Woods, HaydenCoutts Crossing Cricket Club300000
62 Myers, ConnerSouth Services Cricket Club300000
63 Gibson, LesterGDSC Easts Cricket Club200000
64 Bowling, SophieSouth Services Cricket Club800000
65 Dalton, MatthewSouth Services Cricket Club900000
66 Geerin, KyraSouth Services Cricket Club1600000
67 Moloney, SarahCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
68 Kay, AaronCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
69 Ellis, KyanCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
70 Moran, Jaxon PTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
71 Gallagher, Austin DTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
72 Cropper, Rhys HCoutts Crossing Cricket Club1500001
73 McPherson, Kane ASouth Services Cricket Club700000
74 Sands, JaydonGDSC Easts Cricket Club2500000
75 Rudder, Natasha RBrothers Cricket Club1400000
76 Cameron, EllynieWestlawn Cricket Club1500000
77 Rowe, ThomasGDSC Easts Cricket Club1300000
78 Daffey, StephenTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club200000
79 Gough, LochieTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club1200000
80 Clark, ZacBrothers Cricket Club900000
81 Grieve, JaidenCoutts Crossing Cricket Club600000
82 Leek, TorinGDSC Easts Cricket Club200000
83 Baker-Fergusson, ShyloSouth Services Cricket Club2000000
84 Duke, RebeccaCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
85 Zimmerman, JamesBrothers Cricket Club100000
86 Wallace, William GTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
87 Grieve, Jackson RCoutts Crossing Cricket Club1500013
88 Lambeth, TaylaCoutts Crossing Cricket Club100000
89 Inmon, TaeganGDSC Easts Cricket Club1101000
90 Linley, AndrewBrothers Cricket Club1300000
91 Lentfer, Shantelle zBrothers Cricket Club1200000
92 Lentfer, Mitchell LBrothers Cricket Club1300000
93 Rudder, Lachlan ABrothers Cricket Club1400000
94 Whitty, EvanWestlawn Cricket Club1600000
95 Fuller, CourtneyGDSC Easts Cricket Club1200000
96 Rowe, SarahGDSC Easts Cricket Club1300000
97 Brown, PheobeTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club1300000
98 Gough, LochieSouth Services Cricket Club1000000
99 Gough, HayleeTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club200000
100 Harris, BaileyGDSC Easts Cricket Club1100000
101 Vidler, Levi JWestlawn Cricket Club000000
102 Chapman, DeanCoutts Crossing Cricket Club300000
103 Chapman, BradCoutts Crossing Cricket Club300000
104 Jenkins, Aiden MSouth Services Cricket Club100000
105 Watson, SophieCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
106 Carter, CaitlinCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
107 McDonald, Ohanna JBrothers Cricket Club100000
108 Kennedy-Tilse, HopeCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
109 Salvestro, AlexanderCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
110 Keefe, KodyCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
111 Henderson, Brodie LCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
112 Nilon, Joseph ATucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
113 Nilon, Charlie JTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
114 Leslie, RonanGDSC Easts Cricket Club1400000
115 Lentfer, Krystelle FBrothers Cricket Club1500000
116 Linley, DanielBrothers Cricket Club100000
117 Diebert, Samantha ATucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club100000
118 Delaforce, TaleishaTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club100000
119 Fender, GraceWestlawn Cricket Club200000
120 Fender, TomWestlawn Cricket Club200000
121 Paterson, JoshWestlawn Cricket Club200000
122 Gardiner, JadaGDSC Easts Cricket Club900000
123 Myers, ConnerWestlawn Cricket Club000000
124 Asquith, BeaSouth Services Cricket Club400000
125 Edwards, AshleighSouth Services Cricket Club1900000
126 Hargans, Axel MBrothers Cricket Club100000
127 Brophy, PatrickBrothers Cricket Club100000
128 Langford, Aiden CSouth Services Cricket Club900000
129 Staggard, CodySouth Services Cricket Club800000
130 Dick, RyanCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
131 Fuller, NicholasGDSC Easts Cricket Club1200000
132 Stevenson, Reece BBrothers Cricket Club1200000
133 Moar, CharlieGDSC Easts Cricket Club1500000
134 Lentfer, Krystelle FSouth Services Cricket Club1000000
135 Jonklaas, JamesWestlawn Cricket Club1500001
136 Stuckey, MitchellWestlawn Cricket Club1600000
137 Keogh, RileyGDSC Easts Cricket Club1300000
138 Bertus, AlexCoutts Crossing Cricket Club300000
139 Predo, HarrisonTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club100000
140 Wightman, SarahTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club100000
141 Greedy, QuinnGDSC Easts Cricket Club2300000
142 Powell, Ethan WTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club1000000
143 Callen, MichaelGDSC Easts Cricket Club800000
144 Mellor, JamaineGDSC Easts Cricket Club300000
145 Cox, BrendanGDSC Easts Cricket Club700000
146 Schaffer, Bella-JaneCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
147 Channells, ElissaSouth Services Cricket Club500000
148 Platt, SamualCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
149 Willis, BraidyCoutts Crossing Cricket Club1900043
150 Willis, LachlanCoutts Crossing Cricket Club2200052
151 Lambeth, Jake CCoutts Crossing Cricket Club1800102
152 Baker, DeclanGDSC Easts Cricket Club1400000
153 McDonough, EmilyWestlawn Cricket Club1700001
154 Kennedy, JackWestlawn Cricket Club1500000
155 Bathgate, AaronWestlawn Cricket Club1300000
156 Fuller, CourtneyWestlawn Cricket Club1400001
157 Amos, Beau ATucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club100000
158 Endean, LilyTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club1100000
159 Johnston, TianaTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club200000
160 Timmins, JaydeTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club1100000
161 Bowles, DominicWestlawn Cricket Club1100010
162 Inmon, HughGDSC Easts Cricket Club900000
163 Smith, Kate LBrothers Cricket Club100000
164 Sheehan, RileyGDSC Easts Cricket Club800000
165 Watson, NickCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
166 McDonald, Verity FBrothers Cricket Club100000
167 Hargans, JossyBrothers Cricket Club100000
168 Gallagher, TevenCoutts Crossing Cricket Club000000
169 Stutt, Keaton LTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
170 Speed, Hamish FTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
171 Heyman, Hugh CTucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club000000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.