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Matches Played

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McDonalds CRJCA Under 12
McDonalds CRJCA Under 14
McDonalds CRJCA All River Colts
McDonalds CRJCA Under 10's
1 Popko, AlbyMaclean United Cricket Club0010
2 Brophy, PatrickGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
3 Simpson, KadeWestlawn Cricket Club0001
4 Leven, LukeWestlawn Cricket Club2000
5 Mooney, SamGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
6 Tabor, CobyMaclean United Cricket Club0010
7 Thurlow, Tom MMaclean United Cricket Club0010
8 Moran, WillMaclean United Cricket Club0010
9 Watterson, KaiMaclean United Cricket Club0010
10 Moran, HamishMaclean United Cricket Club0010
11 Palmer, SamuelGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
12 Nipperess, KyronGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
13 Palmer, WilliamGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
14 Palmer, ThomasGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
15 McAndrew, OwenGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
16 Boehm, ThomasWestlawn Cricket Club0001
17 Simpson, RamieWestlawn Cricket Club0001
18 Pirona, AlecMaclean United Cricket Club0010
19 Wondergem, RileyGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
20 Lobsey, TheodoreGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
21 Lobsey, GusGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
22 Ryan, Cameron DMaclean United Cricket Club0010
23 Hebblewhite, MadelineWestlawn Cricket Club2000
24 Shipman, AmyWestlawn Cricket Club2000
25 martin, deanMaclean United Cricket Club0010
26 Austin, ThomasWestlawn Cricket Club2000
27 Buggy, Samuel KWestlawn Cricket Club1001
28 Delaforce, JackWestlawn Cricket Club0001
29 Forbes, JamesMaclean United Cricket Club0010
30 Lamberth, CodyGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
31 Cheney, ElijahWestlawn Cricket Club0001
32 Jones, EliWestlawn Cricket Club1001
33 Grant, Alec DGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
34 Winters, ReeceGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
35 Brophy, SamuelGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
36 Hallett, ZacharyWestlawn Cricket Club2000
37 McLachlan, SebastienWestlawn Cricket Club2000
38 Law, ZackGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
39 Law, LucasGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
40 wonderlich, rileyMaclean United Cricket Club0010
41 Cook, Kael LWestlawn Cricket Club2000
42 Atkinson-Smith, OscarGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
43 Donovan, JoshuaGDSC Easts Cricket Club1000
44 Kumaradasan, RugeesthanWestlawn Cricket Club2000
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