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Matches Played

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McDonalds CRJCA Under 12
McDonalds CRJCA Under 14
McDonalds CRJCA Under 16's
McDonalds CRJCA Under 10's
Cotten Shield
1 00010
2 00010
3 00010
4 Hargans, Axel MBrothers Cricket Club01000
5 Brophy, PatrickGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
6 Gallagher, TevenCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
7 Buggy, Samuel KWestlawn Cricket Club01000
8 Cameron, WilliamSouth Services Cricket Club10000
9 Gallagher, Austin DBrothers Cricket Club01000
10 Shipman, SamWestlawn Cricket Club01000
11 Simpson, TimothyCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
12 Palmer, SamuelGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
13 Thompson, CordellSouth Services Cricket Club10000
14 Lucas, William ABrothers Cricket Club01000
15 Stainlay, CampbellGDSC Easts Cricket Club00010
16 Moran, JaidenGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
17 Nipperess, KyronGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
18 Hill, TedGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
19 Lucas, FinnBrothers Cricket Club01000
20 Palmer, WilliamGDSC Easts Cricket Club10010
21 Palmer, ThomasGDSC Easts Cricket Club10010
22 McAndrew, OwenGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
23 Boehm, ThomasWestlawn Cricket Club00010
24 Cameron, BraydenSouth Services Cricket Club10000
25 Paxton, TyronBrothers Cricket Club01000
26 Walters, BenBrothers Cricket Club01000
27 Dalton, CallumSouth Services Cricket Club10000
28 Lobsey, GusGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
29 Nipperess, ZadenGDSC Easts Cricket Club10010
30 Waite, ElijahGDSC Easts Cricket Club00010
31 Phillips, Patrick NCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
32 Shaw, CalebGDSC Easts Cricket Club00020
33 Hebblewhite, DougalWestlawn Cricket Club01000
34 Marsh, TobyBrothers Cricket Club10020
35 Willis, OliverGDSC Easts Cricket Club00010
36 Lucas, CharleeBrothers Cricket Club10020
37 Dehnert, OscarBrothers Cricket Club00020
38 Moran, IsabellaGDSC Easts Cricket Club00020
39 See, ScottWestlawn Cricket Club01000
40 Moore, WilsonGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
41 Ferguson, JackSouth Services Cricket Club10000
42 Pereira, CooperCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
43 Lamberth, CodyGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
44 Ford, JimCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
45 Rainbow, NoahWestlawn Cricket Club01000
46 Jones, EliWestlawn Cricket Club01000
47 Marsh, Owen SBrothers Cricket Club10000
48 Norris, TysonGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
49 Grant, Alec DGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
50 Norrie, BlakeGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
51 Norrie, LucasGDSC Easts Cricket Club00020
52 Stackman, JackWestlawn Cricket Club01000
53 Brophy, SamuelGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
54 Hallett, ZacharyWestlawn Cricket Club01000
55 Hartmann, JordanCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
56 Chevalley, CaitlinCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
57 Paxton, LiamBrothers Cricket Club11000
58 Lamberth, EmilyGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
59 Law, ZackGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
60 Watters, BridgetGDSC Easts Cricket Club00020
61 Watters, TeganGDSC Easts Cricket Club00020
62 Hadley, JacobWestlawn Cricket Club00010
63 Jones, AshtonWestlawn Cricket Club00010
64 Worrell, SebastianGDSC Easts Cricket Club00010
65 Farrell, ZaneGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
66 Forwell, MaxSouth Services Cricket Club10000
67 Lobsey, MaxGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
68 Kumaradasan, RugeesthanWestlawn Cricket Club01000
69 Revell, JasperWestlawn Cricket Club00010
70 Blanch, JorjaBrothers Cricket Club10000
71 Biele, HaydenGDSC Easts Cricket Club10010
72 Crapp, JoshuaBrothers Cricket Club10000
73 Crapp, MikaylaBrothers Cricket Club10000
74 Henwood, BohdiBrothers Cricket Club00020
75 Landrigan, HarveyBrothers Cricket Club00020
76 Landrigan, AustinBrothers Cricket Club00020
77 Irving, DamonBrothers Cricket Club00020
78 Green, EmmitGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
79 Watson, Sophie-LeeBrothers Cricket Club10020
80 Shaw, HarryGDSC Easts Cricket Club00010
81 Spencer, MaximusSouth Services Cricket Club10000
82 Winters, FlynnWestlawn Cricket Club00010
83 Jeffs, KieranCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
84 Simpson, TimCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
85 Stanton, LiamSouth Services Cricket Club10000
86 Stanton, RileySouth Services Cricket Club10000
87 Atkinson Smith, OskarGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
88 Dehnert, IvyBrothers Cricket Club00020
89 Jones, OliviaWestlawn Cricket Club00010
90 Masters, EliGDSC Easts Cricket Club10000
91 Gentle, CodyCoutts Crossing Cricket Club01000
92 Dendle-Duroux, HarryBrothers Cricket Club00020
93 Ellem, WilliamWestlawn Cricket Club01000
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