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Club Championship


Coutts Crossing Cricket Club411.12
Westlawn Cricket Club305.95
GDSC Easts Cricket Club242.53
Maclean United Cricket Club237.96
Brothers Cricket Club236.30
Harwood Cricket Club157.80
Tucabia-Copmanhurst Cricket Club126.26
Woodford Island Warriors Cricket Club105.87
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Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
The points are then added across each team in a club to give the total for that club.

Happy Smiles CRJCA Under 16's Night Comp0.00
Clarence River Sixers Girls League1.00
McDonalds CRJCA Under 121.00
McDonalds CRJCA Under 142.00
McDonalds CRJCA All River Colts3.00
McDonalds CRJCA Under 10's1.00