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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Lobsey, TheodoreGDSC Easts Cricket Club9367.00
2 Wondergem, RileyGDSC Easts Cricket Club9294.00
3 Grant, Alec DGDSC Easts Cricket Club9274.00
4 Jones, EliWestlawn Cricket Club8267.00
5 Brophy, SamuelGDSC Easts Cricket Club10242.00
6 Farrell, ZaneGDSC Easts Cricket Club10219.00
7 Norrie, BlakeGDSC Easts Cricket Club10213.00
8 Brophy, PatrickGDSC Easts Cricket Club10211.00
9 Buggy, Samuel KWestlawn Cricket Club9211.00
10 Nipperess, KyronGDSC Easts Cricket Club10205.00
11 Winters, ReeceGDSC Easts Cricket Club9194.00
12 Ferguson, JackSouth Services Cricket Club9194.00
13 Forwell, MaxSouth Services Cricket Club9189.00
14 Law, ZackGDSC Easts Cricket Club9185.00
15 Moore, WilsonGDSC Easts Cricket Club8177.00
16 Lamberth, CodyGDSC Easts Cricket Club10171.00
17 Lobsey, GusGDSC Easts Cricket Club10162.00
18 Atkinson Smith, OskarGDSC Easts Cricket Club9158.00
19 Dalton, CallumSouth Services Cricket Club9155.00
20 Paxton, LiamBrothers Cricket Club10135.00
21 Marsh, Owen SBrothers Cricket Club8129.00
22 Palmer, SamuelGDSC Easts Cricket Club9128.00
23 Masters, EliGDSC Easts Cricket Club9124.00
24 Moran, JaidenGDSC Easts Cricket Club10122.00
25 Stanton, LiamSouth Services Cricket Club9109.00
26 Green, EmmitGDSC Easts Cricket Club8108.00
27 Salmon, GretchenWestlawn Cricket Club9104.00
28 Lobsey, MaxGDSC Easts Cricket Club10103.00
29 Hebblewhite, MadelineWestlawn Cricket Club693.00
30 Palmer, ThomasGDSC Easts Cricket Club985.00
31 Palmer, WilliamGDSC Easts Cricket Club980.00
32 Cameron, WilliamSouth Services Cricket Club979.00
33 Blanch, JorjaBrothers Cricket Club1076.00
34 Boehm, ThomasWestlawn Cricket Club975.00
35 McAndrew, OwenGDSC Easts Cricket Club871.00
36 Biele, HaydenGDSC Easts Cricket Club966.00
37 Austin, ThomasWestlawn Cricket Club664.00
38 Hill, TedGDSC Easts Cricket Club263.00
39 Shipman, AmyWestlawn Cricket Club757.00
40 Norris, TysonGDSC Easts Cricket Club649.00
41 Atkinson, HamishGDSC Easts Cricket Club848.00
42 Stanton, RileySouth Services Cricket Club943.00
43 Marsh, TobyBrothers Cricket Club943.00
44 Spencer, MaximusSouth Services Cricket Club938.00
45 See, ScottWestlawn Cricket Club636.00
46 Lamberth, EmilyGDSC Easts Cricket Club633.00
47 Thompson, CordellSouth Services Cricket Club933.00
48 Kumaradasan, RugeesthanWestlawn Cricket Club630.00
49 Blanch, Dominic SWestlawn Cricket Club928.00
50 Crapp, JoshuaBrothers Cricket Club919.00
51 Lucas, CharleeBrothers Cricket Club617.00
52 Crapp, MikaylaBrothers Cricket Club1016.00
53 Watson, Sophie-LeeBrothers Cricket Club1013.00
54 McClymont, ZacWestlawn Cricket Club413.00
55 Cameron, BraydenSouth Services Cricket Club610.00
56 Nipperess, ZadenGDSC Easts Cricket Club110.00
57 Norrie, LucasGDSC Easts Cricket Club19.00
58 Dehnert, OscarBrothers Cricket Club11.00
59 Brugnatti, LachlanWestlawn Cricket Club51.00
60 Biele, EthanGDSC Easts Cricket Club10.00
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Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 3.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 10.00 Assisted Wickets 5.00
Unassisted Runouts 5.00 Assisted Runouts 2.00
100s 20.00 50s 15.00
Stumpings 5.00 5 wkts in Innings 15.00
Not outs 5.00